Zanzibar, the City of Warm and Ancient History

Zanzibar can be said as the ancient city. The scientist found the proof of civilization in this city that started more than 50,000 years ago. This city consist of two biggest part, which is the Stone Town, where the prehistoric proof found and it also become the UNESCO World Heritage and Ng’ambo. And these two big parts of city also become one of best destination for vacation, especially if you love ancient history.



Simply ZanzibarItinerary

The best time to visit Zanzibar would be all season. There’s no cold or too hot season in this place, because, it’s located in the tropical climate. But, if you want to enjoy this place on foot, you need to avoid the rainy season, which is usually during March to May. There are many interesting spot that you can find in Zanzibar. You can have spice tour, where you can get many unique and common herb and spice. You also can shop at Stone Town that has lot of open-air market and Jozani forest where you can have adventure in the beautiful rainforest.


Traditiona essel Zanzibar

To get to Zanzibar, you can ride boat from Dar es Salaam, which is cost from $35 to $40, or by plane, which is also from Dar es Salaam international airport. The culture in Zanzibar is mostly influenced by Persian or now it’s known as Iran. Besides the building, there are also several ceremonies like Persian do, like the celebration of Persian New Year, Nairooz, which also can be great event that you can see in Zanzibar if you visit this island.


Zanzibar island


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