Zabid, the Best City to Learn Islamic Culture at Yemen

We all notice that people may conduct travelling abroad whether to fulfill the need to gain relaxation or simply learning about different culture of the country they are going to visit. Well, if you are interested to conduct culture learning about Islam, perhaps one of the best choices is a city in Yemen such as Zabid. Well, many people recognize such city as being the center of Islamic education. This city gains its name from Wadi Zabid and was founded in 9th century. This city is considered to have hot climate. Therefore, if you are going to visit Zabid in Yemen, the best time will be whether fall or winter.

Shibam City

Shibam  city , yemen

Of course that there will be some great landmarks and building that we can learn and visit in Zabid. Yet, the most famous one will be the University of Zabid which may become perfect place to learn more culture in Zabid. Any tourists who visit Zabid should also visit the Red Sea to enjoy its magnificent indeed. There is actually a famous village in Zabid that you can visit such as Khokha. There you can meet local people and try to gain information about their culture indeed.


shibam ,yemen

Although some people often worry about the transportation option that they can use to spend holiday in Zabid, their Aden international airport indeed may become great representation of quality in transportation. If it is about the culture, what you can gain is indeed about their uniqueness in architectures. Also, there is significant custom that local children may shake any tourists’ hand indeed.

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