Yosemite National Park, the Incredible Park in California

Despite the glamorous city life, the United States hides a lot of natural wonders in some of its states. One of which that has incredible look is Yosemite National Park. This park lies in the center of California. Excellent overview is what you will get by visiting the area.

Yosemite National Park ,waterfall

Yosemite National Park, California. USA

The landforms of Yosemite area are from the cut of Sierra Nevada Batholith granitic rock with several erosion processes accompanying. These erosions created the numerous features in this area; such as the dome, canyons, and valleys. In 1984, Yosemite National Park was appointed as World Heritage Site, together with some parks in the US.

Features of Yosemite National Park

All you will see in Yosemite National Park are incredible. The landscape, valleys, dome, and canyons; paired with pretty granite relief, water and ice, flora, fauna, rainfalls, and some areas like Cathedral range, Clark Range, Toulumne Meadows, and Dana Meadows with their stunning landscape and view.

Yosemite National Park, sunset

Yosemite National Park,California. USA

Time to Visit Yosemite National Park

Each month can be good time to visit Yosemite National Park; with its own pros and cons. For example, you can visit on April for seeing the strongly flowing waterfalls. However, the best time may be on June and May since the weather is pleasant.

How to Get There

You can reach San Fransisco or Los Angeles before getting into Yosemite National Park. By using cars, you can drive to the park with several routes with different availability depending on the season. Other transportations you can take to get Yosemite are bus and train. The nearest small airports are located in Merced and Fresno; with flight from san Fransisco, Oakland, and Sacramento.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park,California. USA

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