Yaroslavl, Ancient City which Play Important Role in Russian History

Yaroslavl is the best place to visit for travel. The city is full of the historic part that is interesting for many people who are thirsty of knowledge. The city itself is located in the northeast of Moscow. This city is also considered as the center of administrative for Russia. The city was found by prince of Kievan Rus Yoroslav the Wise. The foundation was done when the prince was having his role in Rostov Principality during 988 up to 1010. According to the history, the city is considered as world heritage site. The location which is along Volga and Kotorosl rivers makes it become part of the golden ring cities that has essential role for the history of Russian.


Cathedral kukoboy village yaroslavl russia

The city was founded during the year 1010 as part of Rostov Veliky Principality and said to be independent from the year 1218. For recent times, the city plays important role for industrial in Moscow, Russia. It plays role for petrochemical industry, tire manufacturing, diesel engine, and many more. For the transportation, the city works with waterways, highways, and railways.



The city is famous with its cultural thing that can be seen from the design of the city, the old buildings that are mostly characterized by Russian Tsardom. Within the central part, there are many architectural monuments that become part of tourism objects. Many architectural merit buildings are also located in the outside of the city center.  This city would be best to visit during summer as it has longer day with warm weather that can be perfect time to go out and have travel around.

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