Yalta: A Great Place of Ukraine For Vacation

Yalta is an Ukrainian resort town where you can see a wide variety of allures. There are many things that you can enjoy for a vacation when visiting Yalta. You, for example, can see Armenian Church that was established in 1909-1919. It is a beautifully detailed church you need to visit. Nikita botanical garden and Livadia palace are other attractions available in Yalta that are worth visiting for your vacation. What makes Livadia special is that the palace was home to Stalin. Besides, Churchill and Roosevelt ever visited the palace in the past time.

To get around Yalta, you can use local mini bus. The rate of this public transportation is very cheap. Walking around the city of Yalta on foot is also recommended since you can see the beauty of this Ukrainian area that will make you feel excited. For international tourists who want to have a visit for Yalta, an alternative solution to get the city is to take a flight to International Kiev airport. From the airport, you can take local flight to Simferopol, an area that is close to Yalta. A cheaper transportation to get Yalta is to take a train from Kyiv to Simferopol.

It is believed that the best time to visit Yalta is in late autumn or in the early spring. The reason for this is that the weather is great and the water level is high. However, visiting Yalta any time throughout the year can be a good idea since there are many things to enjoy for vacation in this resort city.

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