Western Caucasus, Where You Can Find Unique Animal Species in Europe

The Western Caucasus is the part of Caucasus in around Southern Russia. It is located in the Black Sea to Mount Elbrus. This area is become natural UNESCO World Heritage Site because it has extreme edge of Caucasus Mountains. This is become the only large mountain area which is located in Europe. You can find many kinds of small area which is beautiful to see such as lowlands and glaciers. The mountain is located for about 50 km from the Sochi Resort.


Nature Park

The Western Caucasus is very popular because of its Caucasian Nature Biosphere. There are a lot of larger trees species in here. This forest is formatted by unique tree which is known as English Yew and European Box. You can find three high mountains which has a beautiful nature. This place is very popular because of its great diversity ecosystem. You can find some important wildlife and endemic plants in here. This site is the origin place of subspecies European bison. The Caucasus is become the best plant diversity area that can be found in here. You can find stable populations of large mammals in this area. If you are looking for high level species with interesting forest area, you can go to this location.

There are many kinds of wild animals that you can find in this forest. Most of them may come from subalpine zone. The fauna in this area is very rich because of its untouched nature. You can view this site by using helicopter. There are some unique animals which is very interesting in here.

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