Walking around Sukhotai, the Dawn of Happiness City

If you want to visit something different when you are visiting Thailand, you can just go to Sukhothai. The most interesting place you can visit when you are spending your time here is the Sukhothai Kingdom. For your information, the meaning of this city is the dawn of happiness. This city was the capital City of Thai Empire for almost 140 years. Most of the buildings you can find there are temples.


Walking around the Dawn of Happiness City

Specifically, you can see around 193 temples were reconstructed. Sukhothai is the perfect city to visit especially if you love to go to an old city. In fact, this city is an old city and it is difficult to find hotels there. But you don’t need to take it seriously because you can still spend your days there by visiting the house of the villagers there. The fun is not stopped there because it is not only about the difficulty to find hotels but also the difficulty to find transportation devices.


Sukothai buddha

What you can ride if you want to explore the village is a bicycle. While riding the bicycle, you can also meet the local villagers there. Because there is no modern transportation device there it means the air is still fresh. Of course, the improvement is still in progress and the most important thing is the way to keep this area. This is concerning to the fact that Sukhothai is considered as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Just go there around November up to February because the weather is cool. The best place to visit is the Sukhothai National Park. Just do several interesting activities there including riding a bike, visiting the park to enjoy the sunrise, and walking around the fresh market.


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