Visiting the Fashion City in South Korea

There are four largest cities in South Korea and it is a must for you to visit one of them. Those four largest cities in South Korea are Seoul, Busan, Incheon, and Daegu. For your reference, you can visit the fourth largest city in South Korea, Daegu. There are several things which make this city special and worth to visit. For those who want to go to this city, you can consider the weather and the month. If you want to enjoy the cold sensation you can just go in January and it is considered as the coolest month. It is also possible for you to go there in warm weather. Specifically, you can just go to Daegu in August and it is considered as the warmest month.


Daegu City, South Korea

If you really love fashion it means this city is the best place to visit. This is concerning to the fact that you are visiting the Fashion City. The travelers can enjoy the beauty of the stone of the Buddha known as Gatbawi. Along with the beauty of the temple, you can also enjoy the best view there such as the beauty of mountain and park with fresh air. In specific, you can enjoy it around Apsan, Palgongsan, and Biseulsan mountains.



Don’t miss several interesting festivals held there including Seokjeondaeje, herb medical festival, body painting festival, and international musical festival. If you want to explore this area by using public transportation, you can just do it by using train, subway, and bus. For foreigner travelers, they can just go there by airplane and it is departure in Daegu Airport.

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