Visiting Quetta Equals Briefly Revisiting the Past

If we are to strip Pakistan down based on its cities, we will know that there are many cities within the country to observe. Take Quetta for example. Located in Bolan Pass, the city was once the only way people can get in and out South Asia. The city shares similar feat with others in Pakistan–they are all well known to be sites where forms of civilization originated from. The city can be reached by plane, by cars or buses, as well as by train.



Up until now, Quetta is a city where its population is built predominantly by Muslim community. Once almost entirely devastated by great earthquake in 1935, Quetta has now developed more earthquake resistant structures which can sustain shakes so if another quake is to happen, victim numbers can be greatly suppressed. The name ‘Quetta’ means ‘fortress’, something that is derived from the natural contour of the city, being surrounded by hills in four points.

Beautiful View of Quetta

When you are to visit Quetta in the winter, you can see Hanna Lake being enveloped by snow and ice flaps. In summertime, the lake can be used as another place of interest during visit. Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is another site you need to visit. The name means ‘Of a thousand treasures’, which refers to the fact that in the park there are many buried treasures being left behind by many armies, including the Mongols. Also, the Quetta Geological Museum is worth visiting. It is in this place where you can see many fossils being displayed.

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