Visiting Peshawar: A Journey to Past and Present Times All at One Time

As with other places in Asia Minor regions, Peshawar has a long record dating back to the ancient times. If you are familiar with the term Khyber Pass, Peshawar is located on the eastern end of the said Pass. After a series of historical settlements–spanning from 2nd century BC up to the era of British occupational–, Peshawar was finally incorporated into Pakistan independent government in 1947. The name ‘Peshawar’ itself is derived from ‘Purushapura’, ‘City of Men’, which was a name given to the early settlement built around the area.



Even in its earlier period, Peshawar was known to be the place of learning, proven by the invention of Bakhshali Manuscript found nearby it.  Just visit this city around summer and you will have an amazing trip for yourself. Khyber Pass is only a starter. You can also opt to visit other objects such as Peshawar Museum, the Bala Hisar Fort, as well as many institutional building such as Islamia College University. Various tombs also await you visit, as does the Cunningham Clock Tower–a.k.a. Ghant Ghar.

Islamia College Peshawar

There is no need to get hassled thinking about how to reach Peshawar as you can always pick any kind of transportations, be it by plane or by road–with cars or buses. You can even take train to go to the city. Judging by the fact that there are so many notable cricket players originating from Peshawar, it is safe to say that sports are also an inseparable element of local culture.

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