Visiting ArtisticAl-Hijr (Madâin Sâlih)

Al-Hijr (Madâin Sâlih)is the best place that can be visited by those who have interest to archeological thing. AL-Hajr has numerous historical views dealing with archeological site. The place that is located in Saudi Arabia is indeed part of tourist attractions in Saudi. There are many people visit the place to look at the historical thing it has. The building has the accent of Arabic culture. Going around the place would be the greatest thing to do.


Saudi Arabia

Al-Hijr (Madâin Sâlih)

The place itself can be reached by bus, train, and tram from the nearest city. The public transport is quite easy to find and the Al-Hajr itself is located in the center of city so everyone can come there easily. The building has quite attractive architecture that is full of Muslim accent. This place is considered as one of important archeological sites in Saudi Arabia. Many tourists come to visit this place to enjoy the artistic building and to find the unique archeological stuffs as the result from the historical times.


Saudi arabia

Madain saleh

To enter the place the visitors do not have to pay too much. They can go around as long as they want. For the visitors, the best time to visit this place is at anytime. Saudi Arabia is a tropical area and mostly have full of sun light during the whole season. Everyone may visit this place at anytime they want without worrying the weather. The only important thing is that they have to think of the heat. The heat can be quite hot, especially for those who used to live in subtropical area.


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