Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, Striking Natural Wonder in Seychelles

Are you eager to see natural wonder in an island which is full of lovely beaches? Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve will be the best tourist destination for your relaxed unforgettable holiday. This is a natural wonder which takes form of striking palm forest; the well preserved one with some endemic coco plants.

Vallee de mai

Vallee de Mai Sign

Historically, UNESCO has appointed Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve as World Heritage Site in 1983. Since then, this site becomes a famous tourist destination known through its wonderful natural richness of palm forest. Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is located somewhere in Praslin Island, part of Seychelles which has beautiful beaches. Thus, having a trip to Vallée de Mai allows you to enjoy another beauty of the island. you can visit it all the year because the climate is humid and pleasant.

vallee de mai

Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve


The most exciting part of Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is the forest, of course. It consists of numerous palms. It is a natural preserved home for a number of Coco de Mer palm trees. The giant-double coconut is unbeatable attraction of this place.

How to Get Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve

To reach Praslin Island first, you need to land in Praslin Island Airport before you can get into the natural reserve palm forest. Drive the boat from Baie Sainte Anne coast for about five miles to Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. Take the paths to reach the area.

Entrance Fee

To come into Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, you will need to pay only 15 pound sterling each person. For children younger than 12 years, no fee entrance is required.


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