Ulsan Industrial District and Its Largest Things

There are several interesting places to visit in South Korea. It is great for you to visit several largest cities in South Korea. You can take Ulsan as the example in which this city is considered as seventh largest metropolis city in Korea. Actually, this is also the business area of Hyundai Motor Company in which it is also considered as the largest automobile in the world.


Ulsan City, South Korea

It is the same with most of South Korean weather you can just go to Ulsan in January if you want to enjoy the cool sensation. On the other hand, you can just visit this city in August if you want to enjoy the warm sensation. Because it is also known as the Ulsan Industrial District it means the economy of this city grows larger. If you want to explore this city you can use light rail. This is concerning to the fact that Ulsan wants to build a good public transportation system. You can also visit this city by plane through Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport. Most travelers who are also considered as sport lovers tend to go to a stadium in Jung Gu.



This is the place for Ulsan Hyundai FC. The best thing to do when you are spending your time here is visiting Laan Exodium twin Skyscrapers. The most important thing you need to know that this city has the largest shipyard which is operated by Hyundai Heavy Industries and the largest oil refinery. The oil refinery itself is owned by SK Energy. Just enjoy your days in the most growing city in South Korea.

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