Trondheim: An Old City In Central Norway

Norway without a doubt offers some attractive places to see for a vacation. One among them is Trondheim that constitutes an old city in central Norway. Norwegian University of Science is located in Trondheim. Of more than 160,000 inhabitants, you will find 25,000 students in Trondheim. Since Trondheim is an old city, you still can find some heritages such as the Marvellous Nidaros Cathedral that is believed to be second largest church of Northern Europe. Aside from education, Trondheim also offers music, arts, night life and culture by which you can see something special.

Trondheim City, Norway

Trondheim Norway

In 1997, Trondheim celebrated its 1000th anniversary making it one of the oldest cities in Norway. Although Norway is identical to the Viking era, Trondheim was found at the tip of the Viking age. In the middle ages, the city was center for religious activities in Northern Europe. As Trondheim Airport Værnes offer international flights, you certainly can get this city from some countries around the world.

The Marvellous Nidaros Cathedral

Marvellous Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway

For international flight, you can get Trondheim from Warsawa, Malaga-Spain and Amsterdam. Local flights from Oslo can also be an alternative to get this old city. Of course, reaching Trondheim is not only about local and international flight since you can also get the place by train from Oslo and some cities of Norway. Other alternative to get the old city is by car and bus that you can access from some nearby areas of Trondheim. One thing you should not skip when visiting Trondheim is to see Museum of Musical Instruments with its amazing botanical garden.

Ringve Museum,Trondheim

Ringve Museum, Trondheim, Norway

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