Tromso: A Tiny City In Norway With Spectacular Scenery

In northernmost part of Norway, you will come across a city known as TromsoPosition of this city is about 350 km north away from a famous place in the planet that is called Arctic Circle. What makes Tromso popular is that this place constitutes the right place to see the spectacular northern lights during the winter. Anytime you come to Tromso, you will find a tiny city with art, god food, sophistication and spectacular scenery making the place one of the most wanted to visit in Norway. As the Tromso is home to research institutes and northernmost university as well as satellite based industry, most of the inhabitants are highly skilled.

View of Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Although human being reached Tromso in 11,000 years ago, the tiny city gets popular in 1252. The time is when the first church was built. Between December and May, you will find large quantities of snow in Tromso making weather of the city reaches -18C. What a cold weather!! If you cannot stand with cold weather, then the best time to visit Tromso is in the summer, from June to November. To get this tiny city you can go there by plane from Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Your flight will land at modern Langnes Airport. In average, you will come across 10 departures from Oslo to the airport in a day.

The Arctic Cathedral of Tromso, Norway

The Arctic Cathedral, Tromso, Norway

Aside from getting Tromso by plane, you can also get the destination by train from some cities of Norway. You, for example, can go to Tromso by train from Fauske, Narvik and Rovaniemi. Trains from some European countries like Swedish and Helsinki can also be your choice to get Tromso.

Beautiful Northern Light in Tromso, Norway

Northern Light in Tromso, Norway

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