Tozeur, Beautiful Palm City

Tozeur is a city which is located in the southwest of Tunisia. This is a beautiful desert town of the salt lake, Chott el-Jerid. In the past, this area is become the stopping points for caravans which come from Sub Sahara. This coastal city is also popular for trading activity around Mediterranean. Today, Tozeur is become one of the most popular destination in Tunisia that has a lot of palm trees and beautiful oases. You can find beautiful botanical garden that also has natural springs offer. The panoramic views around the Belvedere Park will make you feel enjoyable.



It is very easy to get in this city by taking overnight train come from Tunis. Beside train, you can also found long distance buses. After you get in the city, you can travel in here by using taxi. The taxi cost in here is very cheap. For a short trip, you just need to pay for 2 dinar. Another interesting transportation that you can find in here is horse drawn carriage. You can enjoy new experience with this traditional vehicle. Another way to explore impressive palm trees in here is using bicycle rental. You can test a ride with bicycle first and choose the best offer of a bicycle. You may need to choose bicycle from some rental shops.


Tonzeur Hotel

The best tourists’ destinations in Tozeur are abandoned villages such as Mides, Tamerza, and Chebika. Besides that, you can also take a tour for Star Ways film set. If you want to enjoy natural scenery in here, you can go to dry lakes and palmerie.


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