Top 10 Places to Visit Zoos

Every family which has kids as member of course will try to give the best thing to the kids including education as well as entertainment. The family entertainment should be combined with education for kids and this can be the reason why many families will choose zoo as favorite holiday destination after all. In the world, there are ten fantastic zoos which must be perfect for family to visit.

1. The Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo

The great part of this zoo which is placed in Singapore is the design of landscape as well as open concept which makes people can enjoy the view of animal. The animals are placed in large landscape with open air and visitors can enjoy the view of animal behind the hidden barriers such as rocks and vegetation. Various kinds of animals can be found and it is combined with some interesting attraction including Jungle Breakfast.

2. TiergartenSchonnbrunn Zoo

The TiergartenSchonnbrunn Zoo

TiergartenSchonnbrunn Zoo

This zoo which is placed in Vienna, Austria was opened since 1752 which makes it the world’s oldest zoo which can still be found today. This zoo has giant pandas attraction which cannot be found in any zoo easily. Visitors have to visit the polar bears and the orangutan with camera.

3. Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo

This zoo is included in the list of the largest zoo in the universe with 700 acres area with more than 5,000 animals kept in this zoo. Various attractions with various themes can be enjoyed in this zoo including the African Savanna and the Kids Zoo.

4. Animal Kingdom of Orlando Florida Zoo

The Animal Kingdom of Orlando Florida Zoo

Animal Kingdom of Orlando Florida Zoo

This is part of the Disney’s theme park and among other theme parks of Disney; this is the largest one with 500 acres area. People will not recognize that this is the picture-perfect combination of zoo and theme park which was built in 1975.

5. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

With over 4,000 animals from 800 species, this is the right place where people can see almost every kind of animal up close. People can also see giant panda in this zoo and various kinds of exotic plantation. People can also enjoy safari trip with admission fee which is separated.

6. Smithsonian National Zoological Park

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

If people are looking for the family visiting destination which does not need any payment, this is the right place to go in Washington DC, USA. This is the residence of two famous giant pandas named Mei Xiang as well as TianTian and also about 2,000 animals from 400 species.

7. Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo

Various kinds of animal including the famous rare snow leopard can be found in this zoo which has about 265 acres width. This zoo also becomes the place where people can find the largest rain forest which is made by human being.

8. National Zoological Gardens

The National Zoological Gardens

National Zoological Gardens

This is the best zoological park in Africa located in Pretoria, South Africa which was opened in 1899. Since it has large enough size, it is better to hire golf carts to explore the zoo completely. People can also find cable car which can be used to reach the area placed on the hill slopes.

9. Zoologischer Garten

The Zoologischer Garten

Zoologischer Garten

This zoo which is located in Basel, Switzerland is included in the world’s oldest zoo with gorgeous parkland for about 24 acres size with animals from rain forest, desert, and even marine.

10. Zoo Praha

The Zoo Praha

Zoo Praha

If people visit Prague in Czechs Republic, they have to visit this zoo with about 5,000 animals from 650 species with highlights including the Indonesia Jungle.

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