Top 10 Places to See Unique Tombs

Great Pyramid of Giza


Great Pyramid of Giza

The pyramid of Giza is located in Egypt. This is a big size of pyramid that has spectacular panoramic view. You can see some different resolutions in here. There are some beautiful pyramids that can be seen around here. Most of them are used to store the late king of the emperor.

Sphynx Pyramid


Sphynx Piramid

In Egypt, there are a lot of pyramids. It is become a symbol of an emperor. Besides that, pyramid is very suitable to build in the desert. One of the most popular unique pyramids that you can found is Sphynx. It is become the symbol of Egypt. It has a human face design which is combined with animal body.

The City of the Dead Pyramid Complex


The City of The Dead

If you want to get creepy experience in Cairo, you can try to see the city of the dead. It has a big pyramid complex which is become a huge cemetery for Egyptian in the past century. There are some fabulous structures which come in a temple like design. You can see beautiful and clean street around here. The tombs have been extended and also converted into a home design.

Torajan Tomb


Torajan Tomb

When you visit South Sulawesi, you should go to Torajan tomb. This is known as an ancient museum from the king of Toraja. The Torajan tomb is located in a very high rocky cliff that will make you feel amazed. One of the most popular tourist attractions in South Sulawesi is TanaToraja. The most interesting thing in here is stone carved burial site that tell us about the story of Torajan people.

The Pyramid of Menkaure


The Pyramid of Menkaure

There are a lot of famous pyramid in Giza Necropolis. Pyramid of Menkaure is an ancient pyramid which is made from amazing engineer in the ancient world. This pyramid is located near the Sphynx statue. It is a small pyramid which amazing interior design. Many tourists said that this is become the most mysterious places in the world.

The Pyramid of Khafre


The Pyramid of Khafre

One of the most popular ancient pyramids in here is Khafre. There are a lot of interesting spot that can be found around this pyramid area. It is made from the amazing work of engineer. You can go inside and see the history about the late tomb of Egyptian emperor.

The Tomb of Cyrus


The Tomb of Cyrus

The tomb of Cyrus is located in Iran, Pasargadae. This tomb is used for the most notable king in Persia. Today, this is become the list of Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran. The type of Cyrus was founded in the Persian Empire. There are many Egypt who might see the most beautiful tomb around here.


taj mahal


In India, you can get an opportunity to see the greatest burial place named TajMahal. It is located in the city of Agra, India. It was build since the emperor of Shah Jahan. Now, this building is used to buried the Shah Jahan family. It has Mughal architecture styles which have great combination elements of Persian, Indian, and Islamic style.

Terracotta Warriors


Terracotta Warrirors

In China, you can see Terracotta Warriors which is become a place to bury the first emperor of Qin. This is a famous tomb all over the world. The most interesting thing that can be found in here is the terracotta army which is shown as a statue surrounding the emperor. The army and the building style show the unique architectural design of Xianyang emperor.

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