Top 10 Places to See Beautiful Lighthouses

So far, you may regard lighthouse as a mere sign that guides sailors so that they are not lost in the sea or collide with seaside rocks. Well, lighthouse is actually not only a sign, but also a great place to become a vacation destination. In this article, you will read the ten most beautiful lighthouses that you should visit during your holiday.

1. Tower of Hercules, Spain

The Tower of Hercules, Spain

Tower of Hercules, Spain

Previously called FarumBrigantium, this lighthouse can be regarded as one of the most famous lighthouses in the world. Its structure is so magnificent that if you see it, you will know why it deserves to be called a modern wonder of the world.

2. Madang Lighthouse, Papua New Guinea

The Madang Lighthouse, Papua New Guinea

Madang Lighthouse, Papua New Guinea

This lighthouse is considered a unique lighthouse that is worth-visiting because it is located at one of the most exotic places in Papua New Guinea and because its shape, which resembles that of a rocket, is considered eccentric.

3. Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan

The Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan

Enoshima Lighthouse, Japan

Enoshima Lighthouse is a lighthouse that you should visit because its futuristic design can really catch the eyes as well as the attention of everyone who visits it. The lighthouse appears awesome especially at night when its lights are all turned on.

4. Yokohama marine tower, Japan

The Yokohama marine tower, Japan

Yokohama marine tower, Japan

It is another futuristic tower in Japan that you should not miss when you spend your holiday there. As the tallest lighthouse in the world, this lighthouse always deserves a visit.

5. Point Vicente Lighthouse, California

The Point Vicente Lighthouse, California

Point Vicente Lighthouse, California

The design of this lighthouse may not be very distinctive, but the location where this lighthouse is enacted is very lush and appealing. If you visit California, don’t forget to visit Palos Verdes where this lighthouse is located.

6. Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

The Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

Nubble Lighthouse, Maine

The combination of white and red that decorates this lighthouse as well as all nearby buildings enhances the strikingly appealing feature of this lighthouse. Visiting this lighthouse would be a great idea if you happen to visit York.

7. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina

If you want to see a giant lollypop you may need to go to North Carolina. There is a lighthouse located in Cape Hatteras that you can visit. What makes this lighthouse worth-visiting is its height, which is the tallest in the United States, and its eye-catching wall paint.

8. Chania Lighthouse, Crete

The Chania Lighthouse, Crete

Chania Lighthouse, Crete

Chania lighthouse in Crete is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. It was constructed by venetians and later redesigned by Egyptian colonialists. Today, it becomes one of the most important tourist destinations in Crete.

9. The Kõpu lighthouse, Estonia

Kõpu lighthouse, Estonia

The Kõpu lighthouse, Estonia

This lighthouse is considered a famous tourist destination because of its unusual square structure and because of its age. This lighthouse is the third oldest lighthouse in the world after the Tower of Hercules and the Lighthouse of Genoa.

10. Lighthouse of Genoa

The Lighthouse of Genoa

Lighthouse of Genoa

Genoese people are very proud of their lighthouse because it has been becoming an important symbol of their city since the ancient time. If you are in Italy, consider visiting this lighthouse to immerse yourself in the historical feature that romanticizes it.

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