The Travertine Paradise of Hierapolis-Pamukkale.

When you search for “Interesting place in Turkey”, you will see the name of Hierapolis-Pamukkale. Actually that is two different places in Turkey. Pamukkale is a natural site in the southwestern of Turkey or in the Denizli province. It is a natural castle, or people know it as cotton castle. In the Roman rule, a place called Hierapolis was built in the top of the castle. The unusual natural moment happens here, the water of the hot spring and travertine deposited to make a pamukkale terrace. The Roman thermal installation also gave the influence in this place. There are many buildings which are built from the travertine in this place such as museum, hanging limestone wall, town of pamukale and many more.



This site can be reached by many directions. The nearest airport from this place is Cardak airport which is 1 hour away from this place, or you can access this place from Adnan Mederes. From this airport, you can continue your trip by train and you will take a journey for 5 hours. If you start your journey from another city in Turkey, you can get off to Denizli and take a minibus from there. From the minibus station in Denizli to Pamukale is about 20 minutes. To enjoy this site, at least you have to provide 20 Lira for the entrance fee. For the further fee, it is based on your tourism guide company if you use a guide. The best time to visit here is spring, summer or autumn. Avoid the winter since the trek in this site is uncomfortable to be passed in the winter.


Pamukkale Hierapolis Travertine pools

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