The Richness of History of Caceres

The cities of Europe are known to be rich in history and this fact also belongs to Caceres of Spain. The city is beautifully decorated with ancient buildings those blend so well with the modern buildings. Caceres is the capital of Caceres province and known to be one of the most beautiful cities of Spain.


Caceres, Spain

Caceres has amazing buildings from the past. It has Moorish, Roman and the conquistador styles of architecture on the various buildings and the city is known to be the first city of Spain that listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is surrounded by the walls from medieval age and there numerous places to be found in the city. Visit the museums in Casa de las Veletas like the museum of Casa de los Caballos which is a museum of modern art displaying paintings from Picasso, Arroyo and Miro and some paintings from medieval age like one from El Greco’s Jesus Salvador.



Reaching the city is not difficult. The best choice of transportation is by choosing the public buses, cars or trains. Take the bus from Madrid, Salamanca, Seville or Badajoz (Portugal). Traveling with lanes is possible but for international visitors it could be bothersome. It is because the closest international airport is approximately 250 km away from Caceres. There is also a domestic airport for approximately 90 km away from Caceres that can be used as well. Visiting cities of Europe like Caceres will be better to be done during summer or maybe late spring.

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