The Long Journey in Izmir

Izmir is a city which has long history from the Neolithic age. In 3000 BC was found by the Trojan. However, The Ionian reigned over the city before it felt to the Lydistrian which burned down the city around 600 BC. Persian also has been here before this city was re-founded by Alexander The Great. In 178 AD earthquake destroyed this city in the reign of Roman Empire. Ottoman empire made this city become the part of Republic of Turkey.



The divergent from the past is brought back in the citizen culture now. Every religion grows up well here, but the most dominant one is moslem. This city is full of interesting landmark such as Izmir clock tower, Konak square, asansor, kadifekale, Konak Quay and many more. The tourist can easy reach this city from The Adnan Menderes international airport, which is 17 km from the center of the city. From this airport, the tourists can take airport shuttle bus to bring them up to Tersane. Subway is the easiest way to reach the city. It connects the airport with the Alsancak station in the middle of the city and it can bring the tourists to Konak square. Since it has short interval, once in 15 minutes, tourists don’t need to wait for a long time. Bus can take the tourist get around in this city. Taking a taxi is not recommended for foreign tourist since it will give a high charge. This city gives special facility for pedestrian by creating city walking route. To visit this city, it is suggested to come in summer and spring since in these seasons the air is very nice to go out.


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