The Italian Renaissance Village in Portmeirion

Portmeiron is located in Gwyned, on the estuary on River Dwyrydon North Wales 3 miles from Parthmadog. This is a village which is made based on the Italian renaissance village. The creator of this village is an architecture named Sir Clough William Ellis. During the world war I, he dreamed about making a place which is inspired by Italian village, so in the year of 1925 until 1975, he built this village. Firstly, the main buildings in this village called Aber La means ice estuary, but in the year of 1850s, Ellis changed its name to be Portmerion. In 1931, Ellis bought a mansion from his uncle to enlarge his portmerion hotel.



This place often becomes the filming location due to the beauty of the buildings and its colorful figures. A lot of music videos and tv shows take their shoots in this place. In this place we can find many beautiful architectural buildings such as Portmeiron village square, Hercules sculpture, Castle Deudraeth, Portmerion Pottery and so on. It will be very beautiful to visit this place in the spring or summer since you can see the colorful of its flora and figure. Besides, the village area can be enjoyable to explore in those seasons. To reach this place, you can start your journey from Llanbedr airport, which is 15.8 miles from this place. From the airport, you can bus 99B which connects Portmerion to Porthmadog or you can take the train from narrow-gauge Ffestiniog Railway or Cambrian coat railway which is 21 miles to Minford and you can continue walking to Portmeirion.



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