The Glory of Old Town In Safranbolu

Safranbolu is located close to Black coast and it is about 100 km away from there. This city is 200 km from Ankara. Safranbolu was the part of different provinces, such as Kastamonu province  and  Zonguldak province, before it becomes the part of Karabok province. This city is divided into two kinds of area, the new town and the old town. The new town is located in plateau of the mountain. It is two km from the old town which is located in the deep ravine of the mountain. The old town becomes one of many UNESCO World Heritages. It contains of many artifacts, ancient mosque, tombs, fountain, caravanserais, clock tower, ancient houses, Turkish Bath and mansion.



This town is easy to be reached from Ankara. The nearest airport from this city is Zonguldak airport. You can take a bus from Istanbul but it will be longer, about six hours, than you take direct bus from Ankara, which is about 3 hours. You also can take a train which connects Zonguldak to Ankara. You just need to go to the Krabok station to get the train. Anyway, taking the train can be slower than if you take a bus. After you get off in this town, there is a public transportation which can bring you to the old town and new town all at once, and it is called Dolmuses. When you are in the old town, you can explore the city by foot since the distance between each


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location is very close.

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