The English City in Korea

Some people love to go to a crowded place. If you also have the same intention it is better for you to go to South Korea. Specifically, you can go to the third populous namely Incheon. This is considered as the third most crowded area after Seoul and Busan. Actually, this is the place where some of important events held. For example, Incheon was the place for the Global Fair and Festival 2009. Moreover, it was also the place for G20 Finance Minister in February 2010. Next, it was the area for Global Model United Nations Conference in August 2011. Interestingly, this city will be the place for the next Asian Games in 2014. Even, this city was declared as English City in 2007 because they have a specific program known as Incheon Free English Zone.


Incheon City, South Korea

It is great to go there especially if you want to enjoy the beauty and night sensation around Incheon Bridge. Uniquely, they have 8 cooler locations and 10 warmer locations. Moreover, it also has 9 wetter locations and 9 drier locations. January becomes the coolest time whereas August becomes the warmest time. The way to explore this area is simple because you can do it by bus, plane, train, subway, and boat.

incheon city


Don’t forget to visit several interesting places including Jayu Park, Chinatown, Wolmido, and Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall. For sport lovers, you can also meet several professional and semi professional sport teams such as Incheon United, Hyundai Steel Red Angle, ET Land Elephant, and many more. It’s really fun to stay in a crowded and busy city such as Incheon.

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