The Beauty of Boundary In Trabzon

When we are talking about magnificent place Turkey must be mentioned in that list. Now we will explore one of the biggest cities in Turkey which is Trabzon.


trabzon kusbakisi

Trabzon was founded in 756 BC by Milesian traders. It is called Trapezeous, that is why then it was named Trabzon, the Latin language of trapezeous. The Roman ruled here in 64-65 and then it was taken over by Danismendids in 1080. The Queen Tamar of Georgia reigned over this country from 1204-1461. Then Ottoman era became the last empire who ruled in this city. In the modern era, this city related to the Genocide moment in 1915



The people in this city are very nationalist to their country and they also stick to their traditional art. We can find may traditional activities which are done by the citizen in this city. The family boundary is very close to each other.

Tourist can enjoy many landmarks in this city such as Hagia Sophia, Ataturk Kosku, Uzun Sokak, Ataturk Square, Kostaki mansion and many more

This city can be reached from Trabzon airport, which is located 11 minutes from the center of the city or it is about 5 miles. From this airport, the tourist can take shuttle bus to take them get around to the city or to hotel. Taxi is not so recommended since it is very costly. Actually the best time to visit this city. Tourists can get beautiful moment in this city if they come here between spring and summer since the weather in this city is very warm to go out.

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