The Adorable Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary in Senegal

As all people have known there are a lot of various destinations which are worth to visit. For travelers actually, they are realized that there are numerous places which must visit in order to find a great uniqueness of all parts of the world. Sure, every parts of the world have their own culture, tradition, customs, scenery, and beauty. Each country actually has its own beauty, including Senegal. One of the worth to visit spot there is Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary which takes place in the south-east of the river Senegal. It is near st.Louis and Biffeche. Particularly it is north east of St.Louis and northern of Biffeche.


Djoudj National Bird

If we want to go there, it is better to visit this natural wonder of UNESCO around the spring season even though any time will be great there. The park is one of the UNESCO sites which are completely worth to visit. There are large numbers of habitats of wetlands that we can find there. It is so beautiful and unique which can give us the great moment in our life. To visit this park, the entrance fee is not that costly however, actually it is different from one season to another.



There are around 400 hundreds of bird species there, where the most visible birds are pelicans and flamingos. Beside those birds, there are a lot of great interesting spots which make many people are interested to spend their vacation time here. The beautiful scenery becomes one of the attractions there. So, how to reach this area? We can go reach it by going to the nearest cities such like St.Louis and Biffeche. It is better to use the land transportation. We just could not use any water transportation there, of course.

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