Tainan City, Historic City of the Southern Taiwan

If you are asking about the great place for your visit during your stay in Taiwan; Tainan City is one of the best answers. This is a magnificent historical city which is located in the southern part of the country. It remains as a wonderful place to live as well as excellent tourist destination in Taiwan.



During the imperial times, Tainan City was the main capital city. According to historical facts, Taiwan has been occupied and conquered by several nations; like Japan, Dutch, and the Chinese. When the World War II ended in 1946, the Republic of China took the island under its control and made Tainan City as part of Taiwan province. Now, this city is regarded as the biggest city number five in Taiwan; as well as an important economic center of the country.


Tainan City has the district of Anping which offers you three main tourist sites; which are Eternal Golden Fortress, Tree House, and the ruin of the Anping Fort. The fortress allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of 19th century.

Other interesting destinations are Chihkan Towers, Confucius temple, National Museum of Taiwanese Literature, and the Guanziling hot spring.

How to Get Tainan City

You can take flight to Kaohsiung airport to get Tainan City. From the airport, the available transportation services like taxi, rental car, bus, and train are ready to bring you to the center of Tainan City. To feel the atmosphere of the town and visit the tourist objects in Tainan City, you can take car, bicycle or motorcycle.



Best Time to Visit Tainan City

Spring will be the perfect time to visit Tainan City because the weather is relatively acceptably pleasant.





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