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Exploring Bangor, the Coastal City of Wales

In North Wales, there is a coastal city named Bangor where the visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Maybe there is no unique landmark of this city but Bangor is still an interesting holiday destination. The city is quiet and it is good for the tourists who want to enjoy this situation. Most of the tourists visit Bangor before they leave to Ireland with ferry. When they can’t make the schedule of ferry on time, they must stay in Bangor. It is a great thing to explore this city because it is Read more [...]

A Trip to the Smallest City in Great Britain, St Davids

The name of St Davids refers to the smallest city in Great Britain and the community found in that city. It is located in Wales and it is famous with its historical sites. The name of the city was taken from Dewi (Saint Davids) who was born in the south of the city that is known as St Non’s in about AD 500. The population of St Davids is not more than 1800 people but it doesn’t mean there is no interesting thing found there. This city is the perfect holiday destination for anyone who loves learning Read more [...]

The Italian Renaissance Village in Portmeirion

Portmeiron is located in Gwyned, on the estuary on River Dwyrydon North Wales 3 miles from Parthmadog. This is a village which is made based on the Italian renaissance village. The creator of this village is an architecture named Sir Clough William Ellis. During the world war I, he dreamed about making a place which is inspired by Italian village, so in the year of 1925 until 1975, he built this village. Firstly, the main buildings in this village called Aber La means ice estuary, but in the year Read more [...]