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Bellinzona – City of Three Castles in Europe

Bellinzona is the canton Ticino administrative capital in Switzerland. For finding this city, people have to go to the Alps foot and the Ticino River east side. Roman Emperor Augustus reign founded this town during the late of 1st century BC. Bellinzona was the trade center in the Alps area and it grew greatly under the Visconti control. The growth of the city and the invasion made this town has some castles which is very identical with Bellinzona today. Winter and spring is absolutely the best Read more [...]

Škocjan Caves, One of the Largest Known Underground Canyons in the World

UNESCO must have a reason of their appointing Škocjan Caves as one of the natural world heritages; and the answer could be the beauty and exclusiveness of this cave system. Škocjan Caves is located in a municipality as well as town in Coast and Karst Region in Slovenia; which is known for its numerous limestone caves. The area of Škocjan Caves has been settled since prehistoric time so that a lot of great historical and cultural significances are there. The very first written source of Read more [...]

Stirling, a Stone Age City in Scotland

 If we are always interested in the various historical and also cultural places, why not we go to the place where we can find the unique cultures and also the unique history? There is lots worth to visit destinations around the world which can be the best idea for us to spend our free time. We can go to the place which becomes the historical city of a country, for example the city of Stirling in Scotland. It is the most historical city in the country which has been independent from the middle ages. Read more [...]