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L’viv: An Ukrainian Cultural Center

L'viv is a city of Ukraine, which is positioned in the western part of the country. In fact, L'viv is the biggest city of Western Ukraine that offers a lot of allures for tourism. What makes L'viv differs is that the city is often called as the major Ukrainian cultural center. L'viv was the capital city of East Galicia and is currently considered to be UNESCO’s list of world heritage. L'viv without a doubt has multicultural history since it was handed down from one to another country. In the past Read more [...]

Odessa: The City Of Humor In Ukraine

Odessa is an Ukrainian city, which is positioned in the southern part. This city has major harbor located in the Black Sea and constitutes the fourth largest Ukrainian cities. Despite the fact that Ukrainian is the official language of Odessa, most inhabitants are Russian. If you visit Odessa, you will come across a range of museums that include archeology museum and literature museum. When being in Odessa, walking along Deribasovskaya Street should not be skipped since you can see colorful pedestrian Read more [...]

Kieve Pechersk Lavra: One of Ukrainian Seven Wonders

When it comes to attractive area to visit in Ukraine, you should consider Kieve Pechersk Lavra. It is a monastery complex that has been categorized as world heritage list of UNESCO. Based on trustable data, Kieve Pechersk Lavra has been visited by over 43 millions of tourists worldwide. Historically, Kieve Pechersk Lavra was found by St. Antony in 1051. On august 2007, Kieve Pechersk Lavra was named as one of Seven Wonders available in Ukraine. Despite the fact that Kieve Pechersk Lavra is Read more [...]