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Carthage, South Mediterranean Archeological Site

Carthage is an area which is located in Tunisia. This city is the centre of Carthaginian Empire during antiquity era. It is developed by the Phoenician colony in the ancient empire. This city’s location is very suitable for their maritime trade. All ships which are crossing in the sea should past Sicily, coast of Tunisia. Because of that, Carthage is a city which has a great power and influence for its economical power. There are two large artificial harbors in here, one for the maritime warships Read more [...]

Tozeur, Beautiful Palm City

Tozeur is a city which is located in the southwest of Tunisia. This is a beautiful desert town of the salt lake, Chott el-Jerid. In the past, this area is become the stopping points for caravans which come from Sub Sahara. This coastal city is also popular for trading activity around Mediterranean. Today, Tozeur is become one of the most popular destination in Tunisia that has a lot of palm trees and beautiful oases. You can find beautiful botanical garden that also has natural springs offer. The Read more [...]

Kerkouane, Minimalist Town in Ancient Era

Kerkouane Punic Town is located in Tunisia which is become the best ruins building during ancient Carthaginin country. The excavations of this city revealed from 3rd and 4th centuries BC. It was abandoned since the First Punic War and rebuilt by Romands. It has for about 400 year’s existence. Around this ancient building, you may see the layouts clearly. There are many houses that still shown around the walls which is colored by the clay. The wall painting is sometimes facades but sometimes visible. Read more [...]