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Ten Best Places To Spend Your Honeymoon

When you plan to make a honeymoon trip, you should choose the place carefully since it’s the celebration moment of your love and new relationship. To help you choose, these are ten best places for honeymoon for you Baja, Mexico In this place, you can find many resorts that offer the bliss of beach view. The view of sunset combined with latin touch success make you and your couple feel love in the new shape. The visitor also can rent the lagoon resort in this place. Hawaii Everybody knows Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See Beautiful Cathedrals

Cathedrals hold religious as well as artistic values. There are a lot of beautiful cathedrals can be seen around the world such as the following cathedrals. St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican City The symbol of Catholic and the Christian world lies in the heart of Vatican City. The cathedral is huge and certainly known as the cathedral with the largest interior that is able to hold 60,000 people. The cathedral holds the artistic value in the building and makes it one of the most beautiful cathedrals Read more [...]

Find the Diverse Influence in Ancient Buildings in Cordoba

Cordoba of Spain is known to be rich with history and cultural heritage. Located between Seville and Granada, this city was known to be important city for thousands of years. The city ruled by Roman, it ruled by the Visigoth, then ruled by Muslims before finally fell to the hands of Catholic Monarch. The city is famous for being the birthplace of philosophers like the Muslim Averroes. The city is also the birthplace for other famous figures like Paco Pena the flamenco artist. The diversity of Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Try Traditional Transportation

Traditional transportation modes are not fading away simply because the better performance of modern transportation. Some people may seek for experiencing the ride with traditional transportation. Rickshaws, Shanghai, China Despite being a large modern city, it doesn’t mean that visitors of Shanghai are not able to get on the traditional men powered transportation called rickshaws. Visitors are able to ride rickshaws as a part of their tours and may book the ride from online website. Gondola, Read more [...]

Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, Striking Natural Wonder in Seychelles

Are you eager to see natural wonder in an island which is full of lovely beaches? Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve will be the best tourist destination for your relaxed unforgettable holiday. This is a natural wonder which takes form of striking palm forest; the well preserved one with some endemic coco plants. Historically, UNESCO has appointed Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve as World Heritage Site in 1983. Since then, this site becomes a famous tourist destination known through its wonderful natural Read more [...]