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Top 10 Places to Experience Highest Tower

These days, the number of towers in the world has been increasing significantly. This happens because a tower is usually considered as a symbol of a city. As a matter of fact, freestanding tower is actually a vivid example of the loftiest construction project in the world. Due to the uniqueness of a freestanding tower, many people include freestanding towers into their list of places to visit during holiday. The followings are lists of top 10 places to experience highest tower. 1.     CN Tower Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Experience Horror Attraction

The scariest places in the world can be the most entertaining places that you want to visit. If you love enjoying intense fear and terror and if you want to find out how far you can overcome your spectrophobia, you should visit one of the most haunted places in the world that are listed as follows: 1. Catacombs, Paris, France The best way to experience the most terrifying sensation of being haunted is by walking among the deaths. Beneath the glamorous roads of Paris, you can explore a long Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Try Traditional Transportation

Traditional transportation modes are not fading away simply because the better performance of modern transportation. Some people may seek for experiencing the ride with traditional transportation. Rickshaws, Shanghai, China Despite being a large modern city, it doesn’t mean that visitors of Shanghai are not able to get on the traditional men powered transportation called rickshaws. Visitors are able to ride rickshaws as a part of their tours and may book the ride from online website. Gondola, Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Experience Highest Building

Many people become interested in visiting the highest buildings in the world because it can give unmatched experiences. It has become a clear fact that highest buildings in the world can become an example of the combination of modernity and technology. If you are interested in visiting some highest buildings in the world, the following lists of top 10 places to experience highest building can become your reference. 1.       BurjKhalifa (formerly known as burj Dubai) in Dubai, The United Arab Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See Ancient City Landmarks

This world is rich of ancient cities which provide you with enormous number of amazing landmarks. Below are the top ten lists of those remarkable cities: 1. Athens, Greece This city is popularly known by people around the world. Almost all world history books will include Athens in their contents due to its reputation as one of the greatest civilizations of the past world. In Athens, you will be able to explore numerous ruins and old building which may drive you to the old Greece life. 2. Read more [...]