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Top 10 Places to See Beautiful Cathedrals

Cathedrals hold religious as well as artistic values. There are a lot of beautiful cathedrals can be seen around the world such as the following cathedrals. St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican City The symbol of Catholic and the Christian world lies in the heart of Vatican City. The cathedral is huge and certainly known as the cathedral with the largest interior that is able to hold 60,000 people. The cathedral holds the artistic value in the building and makes it one of the most beautiful cathedrals Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Shop at Flea Market

Shopping is not the only thing which makes people love to visit flea market during their travel trip since there is also another picture which people can take from the flea market condition. The flea market actually is also the representation of the culture in the area and here are ten best flea markets to shop in the world. 1. 127 Corridor This is the flea market which is located in Hudson, Michigan, and Gadsden in Alabama. This is also the longest yard sale in the world since it is placed Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See City View (Observation Decks)

Being able to view a city from above certainly becomes the desire of many people because it enables people to see totally different vies of a city. As a matter of fact, viewing a city from above gives opportunities to see what cannot be seen from the ground. Thankfully, there are many observation decks in the world that can help people realizing their desire and the followings are top ten places to see city view or observation decks. 1.       The Sears Tower in Chicago, US The SkyDeck Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See Wonderful Fireworks at New Year

Celebrating New Year is something done by everyone around the world but some places have the best fireworks displays. Sydney, Australia Known as the first big city to hit the New Year, Sydney knows how to celebrate it. Enjoy the Sydney Opera House with colorful fireworks decorating Sydney’s sky as the background during the New Year’s Eve. There are more than 1.5 million people join the celebration every year. London, United Kingdom A multicultural city that is noisy and vibrant Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See Beautiful Craters

1. Tangkuban Perahu TangkubanPerahu is located on Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This crater is very popular in the country because of the breathtaking view and the folklore of how the crater was created. The folklore is about a young man who was in love with his own mother and he made a boat that was turned into a volcano. 2. Crater Lake National Park If you go to Oregon, USA, this national park is a must-visit. It has a famous crater lake that is located on the caldera of Mount Mazama. Read more [...]