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Zurich, the Amazing Old Town with Global Centers

Coming to Switzerland; it will be such an unfortunate if you do skip Zurich as the main destination. This biggest city in the country provides a number of tourist objects which will amuse you and give memorable holiday trip in the Alpine country. Zurich is located in the north part of Switzerland; exactly on Lake Zurich.   Lake Zurich has been settled by people during Bronze Age and Neolithic. Roman-Celtic and other settlements have been found in this area. This city experienced so Read more [...]

Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona, Another Natural Wonder of Switzerland

If you just know about the incredible Alps in Switzerland, you might want to visit another natural wonder you can find in this country, namely Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona. This 32,850 hectares mountainous area is located in the North-Eastern part of Swiss is the illustration of mountain-building; through the continental collision. Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona area has attracted many scientist and researchers to come from the era of 18th century. Commonly, they were interested to study its Read more [...]

Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, Place for the Striking High Alps

Switzerland offers many places to visit for your vacation; which will give you memorable pleasure. One of them is Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. This is the place where you can see the High Alps which stands beautifully from afar with the snow covering it up. Because of its outstanding beauty, UNESCO has inscribed it as natural world heritage since 2001. The region of Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch is sited in south central of Swiss Alps Midway; between Interlaken and Brig city. The history began when Read more [...]

Bellinzona – City of Three Castles in Europe

Bellinzona is the canton Ticino administrative capital in Switzerland. For finding this city, people have to go to the Alps foot and the Ticino River east side. Roman Emperor Augustus reign founded this town during the late of 1st century BC. Bellinzona was the trade center in the Alps area and it grew greatly under the Visconti control. The growth of the city and the invasion made this town has some castles which is very identical with Bellinzona today. Winter and spring is absolutely the best Read more [...]