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Ichkeul National Park, Wild Bird Sheltering Park

The Ichkeul National Park is a wetland area which has hundred stopover points for migrating birds. The migrating birds such as pink flamingoes, storks, geese, and duck are come, nest and feed in this land. There is a lake which is known as Ichkeul Lake that will be the chain for North Africa. This area is become the best freshwater lake which is characterized by specific hydrological function based on two seasonal alternance salinity and water level. This lake is surrounding with indispensible stop Read more [...]

Enjoying BeautifulPitons Management Area at Soufriere Town

The Pitons Management Areais located near to Soufriere town and Choiseul in southwest coast. The Piton itself is the name of volcanic spire that rise from the sea around the Pitons area. The place has one hundred and sixty eight species with the sixty of them are cnidaria. Other species are coral, fourteen of sponges, eleven of echinoderms, fifteen of arthropods, annelid worms that exists 8 kinds, and eight molluscs. At the top part, there is Ledera Hotel that is usually used by the tourist for their Read more [...]

Natural Monument in Virgin Komi Forests

Virgin Komi Forests is a natural wonder area which has a lot of mountains. It is located in Komi Republic Russia. The virgin forests are belonging to Ural Mountains taiga region. The dominant tree species that can be found in here is Siberian Larch, Siberian Fir, and Siberian Spruce. The prominent mammals that can be found in here are hare, mink, sable, and reindeer. This is a virgin area that will be difficult to reach.   If you want to get in Virgin Komi Forests, you should take Read more [...]

Rwenzori Mountains National Park: An Awesome Place In Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is a tourism area, which is located in Uganda. This park covers 1,000 km2  in size where you can see the thirst highest mountain in Africa, Rwenzori Mountains. Due to its amazing natural beauty, UNESCO considers the park as one of the World Heritage Sites. Anytime you have a visit, you will come across waterfalls, glaciers and lakes in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The park is notable for its botany and is home to some endangered species of animals. When Read more [...]