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Santiago de Compostela, City of Great Architectural Artwork

Santiago de Compostela is the World Heritage city that you can find in Spain. This city is known with many beautiful architectural masterpieces that you can’t find in other place. This city can be said as one of oldest city in Spain. It was founded in early 400s by Suebi. Then, it goes to many hands, from Portugal, French to Spain itself after Spanish Civil War in 1936 to 1939. This city has Spanish Atlantic coast climate, which is wet, and rain in winter and slightly rain in summer. Therefore, Read more [...]

Find the Diverse Influence in Ancient Buildings in Cordoba

Cordoba of Spain is known to be rich with history and cultural heritage. Located between Seville and Granada, this city was known to be important city for thousands of years. The city ruled by Roman, it ruled by the Visigoth, then ruled by Muslims before finally fell to the hands of Catholic Monarch. The city is famous for being the birthplace of philosophers like the Muslim Averroes. The city is also the birthplace for other famous figures like Paco Pena the flamenco artist. The diversity of Read more [...]

Garajonay National Park of Spain Canary Islands

Canary Islands can be one of the most beautiful as well famous islands which have very great view of course. In the Canary Islands of Spain, people can find the Garajonay National Park which is placed in La Gomera Island where people can find very specific natural beauty. It is wild and wet place because it is the forest which can be found in the northeast Africa where this island is placed. However, since this place can be rainy very often, people should choose summer as the time for visiting this Read more [...]

Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture of Spain

Balearic Islands are kind of autonomous community under Spain and it has some islands which are inhabited including Ibiza which is the third largest island in this area. This is the island where nightlife, tourism, as well as electronic music is developed greatly and make it famous after all. People maybe have ever heard about Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture and in fact, this place got its name because it is protected by UNESCO because its unique quality of the island which is inhabited with human Read more [...]

Teide National Park, Beautiful Natural Scenery

Teide National Park is place where you can find one of most beautiful nature scenery in Spain. This place is located around the Mount Teide, which is the highest mountain in Spain. Plus, this is also UNESCO World Heritage Site, so, we can say that this place has been acknowledged as one of beautiful Natural Park in the world. If you want to see the clear scenery of the nature in this place, the best time to visit Teide National Park   would be summer. But, you also need to check the local Read more [...]