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The English City in Korea

Some people love to go to a crowded place. If you also have the same intention it is better for you to go to South Korea. Specifically, you can go to the third populous namely Incheon. This is considered as the third most crowded area after Seoul and Busan. Actually, this is the place where some of important events held. For example, Incheon was the place for the Global Fair and Festival 2009. Moreover, it was also the place for G20 Finance Minister in February 2010. Next, it was the area for Read more [...]

Continuing Study in Science and Technology City in South Korea

Visiting South Korea is incomplete if you don’t visit the business center district known as Daejeon. This city is also considered as the center of the transportation. This is concerning to the fact that Daejeon is the location of four railroads. At least, you get an easy access if you want to go to the specific areas there. You can imagine that you can go to other cities in two hours only. One of the popular business districts is namely Dunsan and you can find new apartment, restaurant, Read more [...]

Shopping Sensation in the Fifth Busiest City in Korea, Busan

If you are visiting Korea, don’t forget to go to South Korea. Then, you can go to one of the largest metropolis towns in South Korea known as Busan. Actually, this city is considered as the second largest metropolis city after Soul. It is a must for you to visit this city because you can see the largest beach as well as the longest river there. The enjoyment is not only stopped there but you can also enjoy the sensation of the fifth busiest city in Korea. Previously, Busan was used as a Read more [...]

Visiting the Fashion City in South Korea

There are four largest cities in South Korea and it is a must for you to visit one of them. Those four largest cities in South Korea are Seoul, Busan, Incheon, and Daegu. For your reference, you can visit the fourth largest city in South Korea, Daegu. There are several things which make this city special and worth to visit. For those who want to go to this city, you can consider the weather and the month. If you want to enjoy the cold sensation you can just go in January and it is considered Read more [...]

Ulsan Industrial District and Its Largest Things

There are several interesting places to visit in South Korea. It is great for you to visit several largest cities in South Korea. You can take Ulsan as the example in which this city is considered as seventh largest metropolis city in Korea. Actually, this is also the business area of Hyundai Motor Company in which it is also considered as the largest automobile in the world. It is the same with most of South Korean weather you can just go to Ulsan in January if you want to enjoy the Read more [...]