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Presov, the Showcase of Gothic, Rococo, and Baroque Architecture

Presov will be the best place in Slovakia to have a sight of Baroque, Gothic, and Rococo architecture. Soviet influence can also be seen in this town through the structure and building. Since Paleolithic period, Presov has been inhabited. The settlement continued on 8th century and later. The city grew as century passed by; signed by the establishment of schools, public transportation, and other civilization things. It even became the center of industry when communist existed in 1948. The Read more [...]

Banská Štiavnica, A Beautiful Old Town with Renaissance Legacy

For many centuries, Banská Štiavnica has been a popular place to visit in Slovakia. This is an old town which has many legacies of Renaissance like palaces, churches, and also castles. Banská Štiavnica was settled as mining area since Neolithic period. Celts opened the mining site in 3rd Century BC. It continued as an important mining center until it became the biggest town in Kingdom of Hungary in 1782. Today, it becomes a favorite center of tourism and recreation in Slovakia because Read more [...]