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Island of Saint-Louis with its Uniqueness

If we are interested in visiting a lot of beautiful island all over the world with the natural views and natural beauty, Africa becomes the heaven. There are a lot of beautiful place of nature which can be the destination to go for the tourists and travelers. We can enjoy not only the beauty but also any history, culture, and traditions there which of course will be totally different to our daily atmosphere. One of the spots in Africa which can be chosen is the island of Saint-Louis. It is located Read more [...]

Visiting House of Slaves at Island of Goree

There are a lot of types of great places all over the world which can be the destinations to go for the travelers. Of course, the places can be the alternative for getting the unique atmosphere since each place has their own cultures and beauty. For travelers enjoying the new places which are worth to visit is a great pleasure. Now, we can choose the spot in Africa, especially in Senegal. Sure, this country has a lot of great spots, including the Island of Goree. It is the place which takes place Read more [...]

The Adorable Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary in Senegal

As all people have known there are a lot of various destinations which are worth to visit. For travelers actually, they are realized that there are numerous places which must visit in order to find a great uniqueness of all parts of the world. Sure, every parts of the world have their own culture, tradition, customs, scenery, and beauty. Each country actually has its own beauty, including Senegal. One of the worth to visit spot there is Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary which takes place in the south-east Read more [...]

Discover Amazing African Wildlife in Niokolo-Koba National Park

If we are a traveler and have a bit spare time to enjoy a life and escape for a while from our routines, we can try to go to the place which can give a different atmosphere. If we like the nature and love the beauty of the nature, visiting the various national parks will be a good idea for us. We can easily go there to enjoy our free time. One of the beautiful national parks which is worth to visit is Niokolo-Koba National Park. Sure, it is still one of the Senegal UNESCO sites which are worth to Read more [...]