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Big Putorana Plateau in Russia

Putorana Plateau is a place located in Putorana Mountains, Rusia. This is a high lying basalt plateau which is very amazing. The location of this area is known as northwestern mountainous area in around Central Siberian Plateau. Mount Kamen is the highest mountain that can be seen in here. The plateau in this area is composed by Siberian Traps. Putorana is located closed to the Norilsk city. There are many kinds of natural wonder which is located in this area.   If you want to go to this Read more [...]

Central Sikhote-Alin, Beautiful Nature and Mountain Range Adventure

Central Sikhote-Alin is great mountain range where you can find and see beautiful scenery of mountain and forest. And for the forest, you will find beautiful forest with unique combination of taiga and subtropical plantation. If you want to have adventure in this beautiful place, the best season you can go to this place would be summer. You will find the real shape of the forest and mountain range. The winter is very cold here and you will only find snowy forest. If you want to go to Central Read more [...]

Solovetsky Islands – Pearl of North Russian

Maybe many people recognize Russia as one of the biggest country in Eurasia continent. It is true that this is one of the biggest nations in Eurasia. But we can assure that Russia actually is not only about land only because people can also find the beautiful islands which are called as the pearl of north Russia, Cultural and Historic Ensemble of the Solovetsky Islands. Because of its beauty as well as historical and cultural aspect, it is included in UNESCO world heritage. When people are visiting Read more [...]

Citadel – Moscow Kremlin

Russia is not only one of the biggest nations in Eurasia continent but it also has a lot of great place which is not only providing people with great view but also story about history and culture. Moscow Kremlin will also be one great place which people can find Russia which is placed in the capital city of Russia. People maybe are familiar with the Kremlin palace which has really great and attractive appearance. However, people should understand that actually kremlin is Russian Citadel, which is Read more [...]

Enjoying the Fairy World of Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a wonderful land discovered by the Russian Cossack for about three hundred years ago. There are no people who are living in this area when it was discovered. This city is located for about 1,250 km in the long peninsula, Russian. This is a volcanoes which is become the most active volcanoes in Russia. There are many kinds of interesting area in this location such as hot springs, acid lake, geysers and volcanoes. You can find arctic tundra which is located in the southernmost area. This Read more [...]