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Guimarães, A Place for Portugal Historical Sites

Guimarães can be another choice for your vacation; especially when you are dreaming of historical experience during your journey. This Portuguese city is located in Braga, Ave Subregion of Portugal with only 23.5 km square area, Guimarães offers interesting historical sites for you.   History of Guimarães Settled in the ninth century, Guimarães is considered as one of the most significant cities for Portugal formation. It was firstly called Vimaranes; which might have a relation Read more [...]

Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture

Pico Island is a perfect destination which should be on your top list when you decide to prepare a trip to Portugal. Pico Island is noted as big part or Azores Archipelago which offers beautiful landscape and culture. The most notable object you can visit in Pico Island is the landscape of Vineyard Culture. Traveling in this amazing area will be surely pleasing.   History of Pico Island and Vineyard Culture Talking about the history of Pico Island and its vineyard landscape, we will Read more [...]

Laurisilva of Madeira, the Widespread Amazing Laurel Forest

Are you seeking for memorable holiday experience in wonderful laurel forest area? Laurisilva of Madeira can be the best answer for it. Located in Madeira Island, Portugal, people believe this surviving area as primary forest for 90% of it. You will see the incredible landscape completed by numerous species of animals and plants; also endemic species.   The word Laurisilva is a Spanish word which means laurel forest. It is used to call laurel forest type.   Where is Laurisilva Read more [...]

Oporto, The Metropolitan Historical Town in Portugal

Similar to Sintra, Guimarães, Evora, and some other cities in Portugal; Oporto has also been appointed as World Heritage Site in 1996 by UNESCO. It is also one of the most ancient European centers. The name Oporto is actually the misinterpretation of ‘Porto’. Oporto is used as English name for Porto and many speakers tend to use it in modern world literature.   History of Oporto Porto was firstly an important city in 4th century, when Roman occupied Proto Celtic, Celtic, and Read more [...]

Evora, A Museum Town in Portugal

When you have arrived in Lisbon, the popular city of Portugal; it will not be perfect if you do not head to the east and visit a Portuguese city namely Evora. This is a city which UNESCO has appointed as World Heritage. Evora even looks like a museum in the form of city. It has numerous historical sites you will be curious about. History of Evora A reason behind the numerous ancient buildings and sites in Evora is nothing except the invasion of several ancient nations in the past. Firstly built Read more [...]