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Top 10 Places to Experience Horror Attraction

The scariest places in the world can be the most entertaining places that you want to visit. If you love enjoying intense fear and terror and if you want to find out how far you can overcome your spectrophobia, you should visit one of the most haunted places in the world that are listed as follows: 1. Catacombs, Paris, France The best way to experience the most terrifying sensation of being haunted is by walking among the deaths. Beneath the glamorous roads of Paris, you can explore a long Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Experience Cable Car

Cable car, or usually referred to as funicular because the car is operated by using cable, is not only a vehicle, but also an entertainment venue from which you can view the natural grandeur of what beneath you. There are many places where you can enjoy boarding on a cable car. This article will give you information about the ten most exciting places where you can enjoy an unforgettable moment inside a cable car.   1.       Zacatecas, Mexico The city of Zacatecas may not be a distinctive Read more [...]