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Cebu City – Place of Filipino Reggae

If people recognize the capital city of Philippe is Manila, commonly Filipino will consider the second city in Philippine is Cebu City which is also the capital city of Cebu. There is long history which is involved and of course the Spanish settlement cannot be ignored when we are talking about the history in Philippine especially in Cebu City since it was the very first settlement of Spanish in the Philippine. This metropolitan area with the focal point of domestic shipping port and companies made Read more [...]

Vigan – Town of Ferdinand

Philippine has very close relation with Spain in many aspects and this can be found because of the fact that Philippines had ever been the Spain colonial. Nowadays, people can find the remaining of the old Spanish town in Vigan. Before the colonial era, this town becomes crucial point of trading with Chinese. In 1572, Vigan was conquered by Spanish and it was used as the power center of Spanish about politics and religion in north Luzon. This town is called Town of Ferdinand as the honor of the firstborn Read more [...]

Sailing Through the Longest Underground River in the World in Puerto-Princesa National Park

Many beautiful river can be found all around the world but of course people usually will find the river which is flow on the ground surface but people must be amazed that there is underground river in this world which can be explored and offer people with great beauty for sure. This is the experience which people will find in Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Philippine. This is not only kind of Underground River but it is also the longest underground river in the world. Since it Read more [...]

Diving around Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

It must be kind of very great experience when people are able to enjoy the beautiful view of underwater world. People can find various diving spots all around the world but for the real experience of diving, people should not miss Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park which is one of the most beautiful atoll in the world which is placed in Philippine. For enjoying the beauty of this area, people should go to the area between April and June because this is the time when the wave is at the most calm condition Read more [...]