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Coiba National Park, the Well Preserved and Rich Natural Resources in Panama

Have you ever heard about Panama Canal? Yap! Panama Canal is located in Panama, a country which is located in Central America. This Canal is known as the gate of the world which means many trading ships from all over passing through this canal that also makes Panama’s economy growth faster. Moreover, similar with another America Latin country that was invaded by Spain in the old time, thus, the language that is used in Panama is Spanish. Panama sure knows how to attract tourist to come to the country Read more [...]

Darien National Park, a Place in Which Culture and Nature Come Together

Are you such a nature lover? If you are a nature lover or a scientist that craving for many natural beauty, don’t you feel that your love incomplete before you are visiting Panama? Why it should be Panama? It is because Panama which is located in Central America has this tremendous national which is called Darien National Park that is claimed of having extraordinary biological diversity and its incredible genetic value. Furthermore, you can find indigenous tribes that still practice their ancestral Read more [...]