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In Karachi, Getting Drowned in Brightest Lights

If you are currently planning a vacation abroad, consider taking Karachi into account. Also colloquially known as the City of Bright Lights, Karachi is a definitely beautiful city for everyone to visit all year round. Among the largest cities in Pakistan, Karachi stands out considering it has been well known since the dawn of civilization. Even the ancient Greeks have already taken notice upon this city and naming it Krokola–and that is only one of many names given to Karachi.   After Read more [...]

Takht-i-Bahi, a Buddha’s Legacy in a Muslim Country

Traveling is always fun. Do you know why traveling is fun? Traveling is fun since by traveling you can learn many things from the trip. Thus, there is saying that said you should travel abroad since by traveling abroad you will feel grateful of what your own country have. So, don’t be jealous of other countries condition, but, learn and enjoy it since you will get many things that might become some inspirations for you. Traveling is important since you also can learn and getting knowledge about Read more [...]