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Place of Highest Mountain in Peru

Every country has the higher peak and Huascaran mount is the highest mount which can be found in this country. The name Huascarán is not only used for the mount but also for the national park which is placed surround this area. It is part of the Andes Range in the central area of Peru. Huascarán National Park has protected status because this is habitat for many kinds of flora and fauna. At the same time it also contains the formation of geology as well as remaining of archaeology of Chavin culture. Read more [...]

The Great and Beautiful Caves at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Vietnam

Phong Nha-Ke Bang is the well known national park in Vietnam, and this is also world heritage site which already included by the UNESCO’s. You can already reach this national park for about 500km when you go from Hanoi. This is actually about the border park which placed in Khammouan Laos, and it is exactly about the most interesting place of Hin Namno Nature Reserve. It would be a great time for you if you come into this national park at the summer time, so you will absolutely enjoy the Read more [...]

Biosphere Reserve in Manú National Park

Peru is not only the country which has many kinds of ancient culture remaining but it also has the biosphere diversity which should be kept from danger. Manú National Park becomes a place of biosphere reserve which is placed in Paucartambo and Madre de Dios in Cusco. It was actually protected because it is hard to access until today. It is also included in one of the Biodiversity Park which is placed in highest level in the world. This is favorite place for many birdwatchers from all around the Read more [...]

Bird-watch and Save Linx Programs in Donana National Park

For the people who love nature, a place like Donana National Park is something not to be missed especially when the time to visit the national park is at its best. What is better than visiting the very well tended national park like this one national park of span? Donana National Park is located in Seville and Huelva provinces in Andalucia, Spain. The national park is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage and the place is wonderful with various wildlife like birds, Iberian linx the wildcats Read more [...]

Observing Tremendous Ancient Canyon at Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is famous for its layered canyon and there are a lot of people passing by the canyon in their journey somewhere. Catching just a glimpse of the South Rim is something fun and also peaceful for some people. When talking about Grand Canyon National Park, a lot of people will be able to imagine the beauty of the South Rim. But there are some people who wish to be able to visit both North Rim and South Rim and these people will need the proper plan especially when they Read more [...]