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Medina – Prophet Muhammad Burial Place

After visiting Mecca, you can go to Medina. It is the second holiest city in Saudi Arabia. Medina or Madinah means city. This name was given when Prophet Muhammad did Hijrah or moved to start a new living in the purpose of introducing Islam to people in this place. The previous name of Medina was Yathrib. Just like Mecca, this city is also sacred for Muslims. It is where you can find the burial place of Prophet Muhammad.   Mecca and Medina are two main places that Hajj pilgrims have Read more [...]

Mecca – The Holiest City for Muslim People

Are you interested to visit Mecca? If you take a trip to this Mid-East Asia, then you should not miss to visit this city. Mecca or Makkah is a Holy City according to Islam religion. It was the place where the last prophet, Muhammad was born. It was even when Quran, Muslims holy book, was composited. Besides that, the existence of Kaaba in the city makes Mecca become the holiest city for Muslim people in the world.   Just like other cities in Saudi Arabia, Mecca also has long history Read more [...]

Jeddah – See the Floating Mosque in this City Gateway to Mecca

Are you thinking to take a trip to Middle East Asia? One of the popular places to visit is Saudi Arabia. This country is very special for Muslim people. However, it does not mean that non-Muslim visitors can’t make a visit there. Among of many great places to explore, Jeddah is probably the first best recommendation. Commonly spelled Jedda or Jiddah, this larger city in province of Makkah is located close to the Red Sea. It is known for the second largest city after Riyadh and now it becomes Read more [...]