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Enjoying the Beauty ofBrimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is located in St.Kitts island ad is St. Christopher and Nevis federation in the eastern of Caribbean. The park was established by military of British engineers and done by the African slaves. The park has impressive history part. It was mounted during the year 1690 on the Brimstone hill that was addressed as the place to recapture Fort Charles. The construction for the park took about one hundred years.   This historical park has numerous places Read more [...]

Novi Sad – a Beautiful City in Serbia with the Unique Fortress

Various cities perhaps have been visited by the great travelers. Of course, the travelers just could not spend their free time by doing nothing without any activities to visit the new place. However, sometimes, they have no idea on the place which becomes the next destination to go. Actually a lot of interesting places which can be chosen to spend our holiday or our free time can be the destinations. We can try visiting Serbia with a lot of great places there, including the city of Novi Sad. That Read more [...]